Inspired by Deborah Turbeville’s creative process, movement and improvisational scores from my work, Magnificent Mirage have been paired with vacant spaces in and around Charlotte, NC. A photographer known for the destruction and manipulation of her negatives, this work explores her themes of disintegration and abstracted perceptions.


Filmed at: Camp North End (Charlotte, NC) Knox Estate (Davidson, NC) Latta Plantation (Huntersville, NC) Landsford Canal (Catawba, SC)

Direction: Toby Shearer + Megan Payne Dancers/Collaborators: Kate Micham, Faith Mottershead + Brittany Skala Styling: Nick Blankenship Photography: Taylor Skala + Nick Blankenship

Special THanks To: Arts & Science Council, Camp North End, goodyear arts, Terilynne knox, Seth Woodall + Samantha Salvato.