Bleached Dreams was created in response to the anxiety I experienced once realizing certain memories were becoming distorted and hard to grasp. After the death of a close friend I became interested in the relationship between the body and memory, exploring the ways the moving body can serve as an archival practice, and its limitations within this structure. Through a collaborative process, we researched and analyzed how memories re-write themselves over time, constructing an alternate version of our reality, using improvisation and discussion to suggest ways we can stop memories from escaping as we grow older.

premiered at ladyfestCLT 2018 | c3 Lab, Charlotte, NC PERFORMED AT FEEDBACK 2018 | GOODYEAR ARTS, CHARLOTTE, NC

Dancers + Collaborators: Brittany Skala + Kyie Hester Original Sound: Maf Maddix Video: Toby Shearer | Photography: Taylor Skala